Local Guides

Meet & Greet Service

A method of contact between a service provider, such as a hotel collection service, or car hire provider, and the arriving client at an airport or railway station. Usually involving the display of a board with the client’s name written on it.
A meet and greet service offer the most luxurious and simplest arrival around. It means that someone will be there to meet you when you arrive at your destination.
While traveling can be a very exciting experience, coming through the airport or railway station doesn’t always scream luxury. This doesn’t exactly make for a glamorous start to your holiday. Fortunately, this is where a meet and greet service can help. This service will help to make your trip special from the beginning, and they’ll get you out of your arrival point in style. If you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, you need meet and greet services to start with.

Tour Manager

A tour manager is a person who helps to organize the administration for a scheduled tour, A tour leader has a more practical role and deals with the organization of a tour, whether this is for one or more days. the person who escorts you on the bus gives commentary on the way, arranges meeting times and places, coordinates with museums, restaurants, and drivers as well as with tour guides, is the accompagnato or tour leader. He or she will usually have very good general knowledge of the local area, particularly from a cultural point of view. A tour leader’s license is not confined to one province, but a whole region.

City Tour guide

A tour guide or a tourist guide is a person who pro assist information on cultural, historical, and contemporary heritage to people on organized sightseeing and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites such as; museums, and at various venues of tourist attraction resorts.
In Europe, tourist guides are represented by FEG, the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. The tourist guiding qualification is specific to every country; in some cases, the qualification is national, it is broken up into regions. In all cases, it is embedded in the educational and training ethic of that country. EN15565 is a European Standard for the Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides.
A city guide may give tours of a city on bikes, buses, rickshaws, in cars, or on foot. City guides may point out historical or cultural sites, restaurants or bars, or architectural points of interest. Usually, a city guide is very familiar with the city where they work, so they’re able to share worthwhile information with tourists.

Historical Guide

A historical guide leads tourists around historical landmarks and points of interest like ruins, temples, battlefields, and other sites of historical importance. On these types of tours, patrons often want to learn more about the history of a particular area. Historical guides—either working as employees of the site, working as employees of a larger tour company, or working independently—may have interesting facts and information about the area and events of the past that can appeal to sightseers.

Adventure guide

Adventure guides lead guests on excursions that may be otherwise unavailable to them. In addition to knowing relevant facts and navigation information, adventure guides often possess the practical knowledge, skills, and equipment patrons need to enjoy an activity or sport. Some common types of adventure guides are River guides, Hiking guides, Snowmobile guides, Fishing guides, ATV guides:

Museum guide

Museum guides work to offer insightful information to museum guests by giving them background knowledge on exhibits, works of art, and artifacts. Museums may employ museum guides to chaperone guests and to make the museum experience more interactive and engaging.